A Boutique Bakery

Let us know your fantasy, and we’ll create a stunning and delicious cake that will turn your dream into a yummy reality. At Reverie Cakes, we use only the finest ingredients available in all our baking. Everything is made fresh, never frozen, so it tastes better. Custom designed cakes are available in a scrumptious number of flavors.

In a world filled with so many companies focusing on quantity over quality, we take considerable pride in the complete opposite. By limiting the volume of orders, we take every week; it ensures that each and every cake receives the attention it deserves.

Cakes of your desire for any occasion.

Founder & Cake Designer

Since a young age, Lyudmila Ivanova, has had a dream of becoming an artist. She was always drawn to artistic activities. Lyudmila expressed her imaginative talent and creativity in ways, such as painting, cloth design, book illustration, wedding decoration and many others.

Lyudmila Ivanova

Being a mother of 2 lovely boys, Lyudmila also often found herself cooking and baking for her family. It was then she discovered that her creativity and love for cakes went hand-in-hand.

Lyudmila slowly started baking for families and friends, wanting nothing more than to create unique, sumptuous cakes that everyone will love. Word of mouth soon spread along with a growing desire to make one-of-a-kind cakes for a variety of special celebrations. Reverie Cakes was born, with the name coming from an old French word ‘resver’, which means to dream.

At Reverie Cakes, Lyudmila loves working with people, helping them make their cake dreams come true! Drawing inspiration everywhere she goes, as well as from all her clients. Nothing gives Lyudmila more joy than seeing the kids’ eyes light-up and the party guests raving over the cake’s extraordinary design.

By designing the unique cake that will bring joy and happiness to you – makes my dream come true.